February State of the Race

A new, highly competitive Congressional district and far-right State Senator Kelly Townsend’s entrance into the race makes the case that only a proven problem solver like Daniel Hernandez will be able to effectively compete in the general election and keep AZ-06 in Democratic hands. Swinging from a seat that President Biden carried by 11 points to one he won by less than one point, the completed redistricting process moves this safe Democratic seat to a pure toss up.

After what is shaping up to be a nasty primary fight, Republican frontrunner Townsend will enter the general election with a message of extreme conspiracy theories and a divisive agenda that endangers Arizona’s public health.

In order to win in November, the Democratic nominee will need to appeal to a wide array of voters in this true battleground district that voted for Senator Mark Kelly by one point. Hernandez is the candidate with a bipartisan track record, deep roots in this community and appeal to Latino voters that is needed to stop Townsend’s dangerous agenda from going to Congress.

GOP Primary Heats Up In Damaging Race To The Right: The Republican primary in Arizona’s 6th district has quickly devolved into a proxy war between former President Donald Trump and Governor Doug Ducey that is sure to make it extremely difficult for the eventual nominee to build the coalition necessary to win in November. State Senator Kelly Townsend announced her candidacy for Congress alongside Trump at his Arizona rally last month. Trump even gave Townsend a shout out for being a loyal foot soldier in their quest to overturn the 2020 election. As we’ve seen across the country, Trump’s support in this crowded GOP primary is sure to propel Townsend to the nomination. She joins Governor Doug Ducey’s handpicked candidate, Juan Ciscomani, as well as Douglass Lowell, Jason Bacon, Lucretia Free, Young Mayberry and Kathleen Winn.

Trump-Endorsed Frontrunner Kelly Townsend Campaigns On Crazy Conspiracy Theories: Where to begin with Townsend’s dangerous ideas? She has enthusiastically spread the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, even going as far as to threaten Governor Ducey for not cooperating with overturning the results. She used her time at the Trump rally to call for an “indictment” of election workers. Townsend has since introduced legislation invalidating mail-in ballots in Arizona by requiring voters who receive early ballots by mail to deliver them by hand to a designated voting location.

When not working overtime to stop Arizonans from voting, Townsend spreads misinformation on the pandemic and endangers public health. She compared supporters of vaccines to Nazis and promoted an image of needles in the shape of a swastika. When met with fierce backlash, Townsend doubled down, telling a Jewish organization that criticized her to “learn your history.” Horrifically, this is not the first time Townsend has found herself in such a controversy. In 2019, she compared school vaccination requirements to the tattoos forced upon those in concentration camps. She’s also taken an extreme position on the measles vaccine, calling mandatory measles vaccines “communist” and defended her decision to prevent her children from receiving them saying “something is in those vaccines.” More recently, Townsend has introduced legislation to punish pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for ivermectin, a dangerous drug that some falsely claim can treat COVID-19.

Highly Competitive Congressional District Makes The Case For Daniel Hernandez’s Candidacy: The completed redistricting process takes this district from one that President Biden carried by 11 points to one he won by less than one percent. This sets up Arizona’s sixth congressional district to be the most competitive in the state and one of the most watched in the country. Senator Mark Kelly won the district by 1 point. In a district with a 25% Latino population, Daniel Hernandez has the chance to make history by being the first Latino to represent the district in Congress. In order to keep this district in Democratic hands, the nominee must have a proven track record of working across the aisle and delivering for Southern Arizona. Hernandez is just that candidate with a reputation of working with Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature to get results like more school counselors and keeping hospital doors open. Hernandez is laser focused on talking to voters about strengthening the economy and growing job opportunities here at home while continuing to lead on progressive issues like preventing gun violence and protecting reproductive rights.

Hernandez Outraises Democratic Primary Field In Quarter Four Of 2021: Hernandez recently released his fundraising numbers for the last quarter of 2021, announcing he raised $235,000, out raising the other candidates in the primary field. As of February 2nd, Hernandez has raised over $750,000 in his campaign for congress and had $400,000 cash on hand at the end of the year. This marks the second quarter that Hernandez has out raised the two other competitors in the primary field.

To learn more about Hernandez’s candidacy watch his campaign bio video here.

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