Daniel Hernandez Joins Solar Power Leaders to Call for A Renewable Energy Future

Tucson, AZ – Today, congressional candidate Daniel Hernandez joined fellow State Representative Morgan Abraham and other solar power advocates to call on the U.S. Senate to pass significant investments in climate and clean energy to support the state’s growing clean energy industry. Last year, the U.S. House of Representatives approved $550 billion in climate investments that are desperately needed to address the climate crisis. Speakers thanked Senator Mark Kelly for his steadfast leadership on clean energy growth and urged him to support these critical investments.

“When it comes to confronting the climate crisis, our leaders are responsible to do everything in our power to protect both the lives and livelihoods of our constituents,” said Hernandez. “The results we’ve already achieved at the state level and in cities like Tucson illustrate that an economy that is more resilient to climate change can also be one that creates better-paying jobs and sets up Arizona’s cities for decades of high-tech economic growth. We know that climate change and economic growth are top of mind for Mark Kelly, and we need his help to secure the votes needed to pass this transformational climate funding through the Senate.”

“Arizona’s solar industries have already proven we can grow fast to meet ambitious capacity goals and create thousands of high-quality, long term jobs in this state,” said John Mitman, President of Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association. “Now, the country has a pivotal opportunity to expand on that progress on an unprecedented scale. This is not critical funding for the climate fight, but also $550 billion of incentives and investments that will fuel cutting edge industries, foster entrepreneurship across this state, and create tens of thousands of family-sustaining jobs over the next five years. The House did their job – now we need the Senate to step up and pass this bill.”

A video of the in-person press conference can be found here.