In First TV Ad, Daniel Hernandez Talks About Leading in Times of Crisis

Ad highlights why Daniel Hernandez is the person best suited to lead during these difficult times

Tucson, AZ – Saturday, Democratic congressional candidate for Arizona’s 6th district, Daniel Hernandez, aired his first advertisement in his campaign for Congress with a promise to prevent gun violence, protect the right to vote, and defend abortion access and women’s bodily autonomy.

The ad, titled “Life or Death,” features President Obama praising Hernandez’s efforts to provide first aid to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords during a memorial service for the 2011 Tucson shooting.

The ad goes on to highlight Hernandez’s record of leading the fight against  gun violence, the curtailing of voting rights, and attempts to completely get rid of a woman’s right to choose, and shows why Hernandez is the right person to lead during these difficult times.

Life or Death


President Obama: “We are grateful to Daniel Hernandez. And Daniel, I’m sorry you may deny it but we’ve decided you are a hero.” 

Daniel Hernandez: “In a moment of life or death you have one choice, to help. Gun violence is everywhere, it’s in our schools, it’s in our grocery stores, it’s even in our houses of worship. We shouldn’t have to have people be heroes. I’ve stood up to the bullies and to the extremists at the state capitol. And when I get to Washington DC I’m going to do the same thing. Because this is a fight of life or death. I’m Daniel Hernandez and I approve this message.”