Meet Daniel

Daniel is a state representative, former school board president, and lifelong Arizonan running for Congress to help Southern Arizona families.

Daniel was born and raised in Tucson, his mother an immigrant from Mexico who came to the U.S. where she met Daniel’s father. A first-generation college student, Daniel attended the University of Arizona when he interned for then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and was there on the day of the tragic attack on her life which resulted in 6 deaths and 13 people injured. Daniel was the first to administer first aid to the Congresswoman before the EMTs arrived and was named a national hero by President Obama.

Inspired by Congresswoman Giffords’s commitment to public service, Daniel went on to advocate for access to reproductive health care and education as program manager for Raíz, Planned Parenthood’s Latino outreach program. He was also elected to his local school board, where he became the youngest school board president in the district’s history.

Since 2017, Daniel has served in the Arizona State House, was one of the youngest elected and is a co-founder of the House LGBTQ caucus. In the House, he has worked with both Republicans and Democrats to pass bills protecting survivors of sexual assault and secure $20 million for school resource officers, counselors, and social workers. He also led the fight against legislation that would discriminate against LGBTQ Arizonans.

He fought to expand access to affordable health care, having struggled firsthand with a severe illness and to afford the right care and medication. During the pandemic, he protected critical health care services and saved a rural hospital that treats underserved communities in Southern Arizona. He also received recognition as the 2019 Women’s Healthcare Champion from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Daniel is running for Congress to continue to fight for progressive values while working across the aisle to get real results for the people of Southern Arizona.